Overview of indicators

Indicators mean the measuring indicators describing the development of a phenomenon or a process characteristic of the situation of young people. By means of indicators, it is possible to describe the situation of youth and its changes, define the more significant challenges in the lives of young people, and monitor and assess the effects of policy implementation.

The data sources of indicators are, on the one hand, the data collected in the Estonian official statistics and departmental statistics. On the other hand, the indicators are improved by the data collected in original studies. The indicators are improved and updated on a regular basis.

In order to examine the statistical data of the indicators, choose the general category of indicators from the left-hand menu and then choose the particular indicator that is of interest to you from the category.

When the indicator page opens, you can “turn off” the data you are not interested in by clicking on the figure. Detailed datasheets are given in the datasheets below the figure. You can also download the datasheet you are interested in.

In order to get a more detailed statement of indicators, use the indicator search.