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The number of young (7–26 y. o.) people who participate in hobby education activities. The share of young (7–26 y. o.) people who participate in hobby education in total number of young (7–26 y. o.) people.

Hobby education is an area of youth work that provides young people with knowledge and skills outside formal education. Hobby education is organised by local governments and legal personnel. The local government budget has funding for cultural and youth issues, which is also used for financing hobby education.
The Hobby Schools Act (2007) sets the basis for the activities of hobby schools and centers. There are more than 300 sports, music, art, dance, language and drama schools, as well as culture and science centers in Estonia that provide young people with quality non-formal learning opportunities.

Unit: number, percent

Disaggregated by: academic year, native language

Source: Estonian Ministry of Education and Research, Estonian Education Information System (EHIS)

Native language
Academic year Native languages total Estonian Russian / other
2008/2009 45331 34119 11212
2009/2010 52202 40003 12199
2010/2011 53660 40968 12692
2011/2012 57534 43953 13581
2012/2013 69740 53569 16171
2013/2014 80441 61892 18549
2014/2015 83942 64967 18975