Policy Briefs

A quarterly policy brief is a more detailed overview of one youth topic published two to three times a year.

Policy briefs give an overview of potential problems and their origins within the selected topic, bring out the relationships in the field and international experience and provide potential alternative solutions.

Policy briefs are primarily considered to form a basis for a more comprehensive discussion. Therefore, open discussions or policy dialogues are organised on the topic of policy reviews. A policy dialogue is a seminar aimed at the users of youth monitoring, who exchange ideas and make proposals on the topic given in the policy reviews and make suggestions as to how the problems should be solved The policy dialogues are organised in different parts of Estonia in order to make sure all target groups from different regions get the chance to participate.

First policy brief was dedicated to introduction of Youth Monitoring System, it's purpose and structure to the public. You can find English version here: Policy Brief_1_2010.pdf (768 KB)