The yearbook of youth monitoring is the most analytical and detailed publication of youth monitoring. It reflects the more significant changes that have taken place in the lives of young people in a year and creates a basis for knowledge-based policy formation in specific fields related to the lives of young people.

The yearbook of youth monitoring is published once a year.

The yearbook of youth monitoring consists of two significant parts.

The first part gives an analytical overview of the changes that have occurred in the lives of Estonian youth during the past year.

The second part of the yearbook focuses on the in-depth analysis of a topic related to young people (the so-called topic of the year). Over the course of analysis, the problems related to the topic of the year are discussed on the basis of changes at the level of indicators, the results of policy reviews and the discussions connected with them and the original studies conducted during the year. In addition, the yearbook lists the definitions related to the topic and the relationships between them and gives an overview of the international experience in solving the issues associated with the topic of the year. The second part ends with summarising conclusions and policy suggestions that are helpful to decision-makers in forming further policy steps.