Youth monitoring yearbook 2011: Youth and youth work

You can find a brief English-language summary of the yearbook here: Yearbook summary 2011.pdf (800 KB)

The topic of the 2011 yearbook is youth and youth work. The goals of youth work and its role in the development of young people, the participation of young people in youth work, the assessments of and expectations for youth work both through the eyes of young people themselves and youth workers will be discussed.The 2011 yearbook is focused on the participation of young people in youth work. The yearbook comprises of two parts. The first gives an overview of the developments in young people’s lives during 2010-2011 in light of the youth monitoring indicators (including demography, education, labour market, economic and social welfare, health, youth work, civic activity and attitudes, justice and security). The second part is built on a survey organised in 2010 among the youth and their parents, involving approximately 7,000 young people aged 7-26 and 1,600 parents.