Youth monitoring yearbook 2016: Non-formal and informal learning

The chapters are focused on analyzing topics connected to non-formal and informal learning. The yearbook consists of 6 chapters. First chapter gives an iverview of the changes in the young people living conditions during the last year. The second chapter is about recognizing non-formal and informal learning in theory and brings out international non-formal learning standards and possible development in Estonia. The third, fifth and sixth chapters are based on different research conducted in Estonia and analyze different sides of non-formal and informal learning.

The yearbook is compiled by Tallinn University scientists Airi-Alina Allaste, Liisa Martma, Raili Nugin, Reelika Pirk, Marti Taru, Peeter Vihma and from Tartu University Mai Beilmann.

The 2nd chapter of the yearbook has been translated into English, the other chapters have no translation available.

To read the 2nd chapter, please click HERE .